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About Ziad Masri

Ziad Masri is an independent trader who is best known in the industry for his unique trading method which produced a 1471% compounded return in a 3 year stretch (with very controlled risk), as well as his transparency about sharing his results publicly through his personal brokerage statements. His mission is to legitimize the trading education industry by setting a standard of openness and transparency. He is most often quoted as saying "If you can't prove it with real money results, you have no place teaching it."


Ziad Masri

Here's what traders are saying

  • Cameron had an eight week winning streak

    "I haven't had a losing day in about eight weeks."
    Cameron R., Denver, USA
  • Adam's trade accuracy skyrocketed

    "80% of my trades are now profitable. These days, it's very odd that I even have 2 losers in a row!"
    Adam R., Calgary, Canada