About Us

Ziad Masri is an independent professional trader who trades full-time for a living. He has gained recognition in the trading industry due to his consistently high returns as well as his stand against all the fake educators and phony gurus who don’t actually make money from their trading.

Ziad has a verified track record of a 34 month stretch where he produced 1471% compounded returns, and since that time he has continued to outperform the vast majority of traders. About a year ago he decided to take on the trading education industry and bring legitimate education and full transparency to independent traders. He is quite likely the only trader showing his real brokerage statements to prove how well his methods really work, and his goal is to help motivated and passionate traders reach consistent profitability in the fastest and most pain-free manner possible.

* These results may or may not be typical and your will vary based off of your skill and experience.