Will you actually show real money brokerage statements?

Yes, absolutely. I’ll be showing trade statements straight from my brokerage firm that show all of my trade activity, down to the order ID number and time of execution at the exchange. I’m all about full transparency. And I’m not talking about tiny profits. I’ll be showing you some $50,000 to $75,000 profit months.

* These results may or may not be typical and your will vary based off of your skill and experience.

What makes you and your methods so different from what’s out there?

Well, first is the fact that I am actually willing to PROVE that my methods work by showing real brokerage statements with big money on the line. Second, I’m a full-time trader who has relied on trading as his source of income for years. Teaching is my side project, unlike the vast majority of educators who can’t make any money from their trading and resort to teaching as their full-time job.

Why do you teach if you’re so successful as a trader already?

First, since I’m a discretionary trader, my edge will never be lost if I teach my methods. The markets are so large that even if thousands of traders learned my methods they would not lose their effectiveness. Second, being a trader who was tricked by a lot of fake educators when I was first starting out, I was sick of the state of the trading education industry and wanted to make a big difference while working to reform it so that serious traders can get legitimate trading education from someone who actually makes money doing what they teach.

How long is the webinar?

The webinar will be around 90 minutes. I’ve packed a ton of content into it, so there will be zero fluff and you’ll definitely want to take notes. These 90 minutes can literally do more for your trading than anything you’ve tried before. It will be more than worth every minute.

Is this webinar for beginners or advanced traders?

Traders of all levels of experience will benefit from the webinar. I’ve shown my techniques to absolute beginners who were blown away by how different they are from most of what’s taught out there, and I’ve also shown them to traders with over 10 years of experience who were quickly able to elevate their trading to a whole new level when they put the techniques into practice.